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Get the Best Pokemon Go Content! (South Africa only)

Get the Best Pokemon Go Content! 

1. Collect More ExperienceTo quickly level up you need a lucky egg, which doubles the experience points for 30 minutes. Then activate a Lockmodul or smoke near a PokéStops. Both work well together. Then dive dozens of Pokémon that bring a lot of experience. You will also receive valuable items with which you can evolve your monsters, but there again additional experience points - which are also matched by the egg.2. Bonus Experience by littersEven more experience points you get for targeted throws. Taking a slight angle the Poké Ball, bonus points are awarded. Timing is also important: Keep your eyes on the cast that the catching ring is placed exactly over the other ring. There are again extra experience.3. Be careful with coinsDo not waste your valuable coins not for Pokéballs RECEIVED free PokéStops. Buy instead prefer Lockmodule to attract more monsters.4. Collect Fast ItemsRotate the badge on an PokéStop to expose additional Poké Balls. To remove these, you must not touch each ball individually - it is enough to tap the X at the bottom of the screen. Every object automatically ends up in your backpack.5. enable battery saverThe hunting monsters in Pokémon Go sucks the smartphone battery ruckzuck empty. To extend the duration, select the "battery saver" in the settings. Click on the Poké Ball icon at the bottom in the middle, then on "Settings" at the top right. Then put the check in the "battery saver". More battery tips we have put together for you.6. Pikachu as StartpokémonIn addition to Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander There is a fourth starter Pokémon, and indeed the most famous of all: Pikachu. However you get it only with a trick: Once the three starting monsters appear, you just have to continue to run. You must then remain multiple steadfast, at the fifth attempt they encounter Pikachu, you must catch it only. How cute!7. Explore the cityTo catch many Pokémon, it is imperative that you explore different areas. Wasserpokémon you find about near rivers or lakes, a Pidgey lives in the city, a Diglett in the countryside. So make on the way even a short trip to the park or forest, it might be worth. And if you discover leaves rustling on the map, hiding there likely a wild Pokémon.

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